Random Games I made

My Games!

These are games i’ve made.

March 2017 - Project Tri-Pong

A simple 3v3 Pong styled game with bricks you need to destroy to get the ball to the opposite side. There are powerups each paddle can pickup to assist you. Tri-Pong Play Now! Downloads Source Code

Game Jam Projects!

These are various game jam projects i’ve made

#LOWREZJAM 2017 - Lumi the Fairy Witch Prototype Made for #LOWREZJAM 2017, This is a small prototype project called “Lumi the Fairy Witch”. I made this in the 16 days the jam was going on by myself solo using Unity.

You pay as Lumi, she is half fairy, half witch. She has fairy wings, but she cant fly with them. She can only glide with them. She can cast witch magic with her wand to defeat her foes.

You platform and survive your way to get to the end of the level! Lumi Play Now! Download Source Code

OneHourGameJam #105 : Gold

You Wield the Midas gun, shoot the evil green dudes with it to turn them into gold! Don’t let them get you! Use the arrow keys to move left and right, up arrow or space to jump. Mouse 1 or left control to fire the midas gun! Gold Play Now!

OneHourGameJam #100 : I Made This

Cage is stuck! He must float around bees for all eternity! You must help him survive! As long as possible! Note: there is a game breaking bug. If you don’t move, colliders are broken lol Use WASD or Arrow keys to float around the bees. Enjoy! BeeCage Play Now!

LD Mini (Ludum Dare Mini) #58 : Pong

History: This is my first ever game jam title. I made it for the MiniLD jam, the 58’th one. I made it over the course of a weekend while moving into a new home at the same time (bad idea). It’s not perfect, But I had fun making it and I learned alot as my first ever project. I seemed to have lost the source code so I can’t offer any downloads, or any fixes. I used this project as a base for the enhanced remake project above “Project Tri-Pong”

This is using the old pre-HTML5 web player.

Old Description: Hi! This is a pong game where you have to play Pong with 3 individually controlled paddles with a breakout styled system to try and get the ball to the other side.

Supports Keyboard and 360/Xbox One controllers on Web (if you have the drivers)

Enjoy! Totally Not Pong or Breakout Play Now!

Fall 2016 School Projects:

In-Class Assignment 2 : 2D Platformer 2D platformer Play Now! Source Code

In-Class Assignment 1 : Roll a Ball Roll a Ball Play Now! Source Code